Special Asset Management

At Inside Investigations, we’re proficient in all aspects of asset protection. This service is ideal for protecting large property developments, such as apartment complexes, foreclosed properties or large gated communities. Having adequate protection for these types of properties can prevent major liability, while eliminating other possible security threats.

Services provided include:

  • Corporate security vulnerability assessments
  • IT Support for properties or businesses
  • Provide valuable background information on individuals associated with properties when necessary
  • Conduct interviews and gather information concerning illegal activities as it pertains to the property. I. E.¬†Illegal collecting of rents due by individuals committing fraud
  • Investigate fraudulent claims made against the property
  • Overseeing of construction on property
  • Obtaining proper quotes and reducing construction costs substantially
  • Handle all emergency needs for properties on a moment’s notice
  • Obtaining information on the property not otherwise available; thereby providing client with pertinent information that would not normally be accessible
  • Visitation, clearing, and reporting of suspect properties in dangerous or questionable areas
  • Complete maintenance of all facilities while conducting site inspections and investigations there by completing two jobs at one time resulting in a large savings
  • Provide accurate and timely assessments on new properties so property values may be obtained
  • Assist in the removal and eviction of squatters and vagrants from properties
  • Property Due Diligence Process

We help secure and protect the following:

  • Active Businesses
  • Condo/Apartment/Townhome Complexes
  • Multi-million Dollar Gated Communities
  • Resort Properties
  • Property Portfolios
  • Partially Developed Property
  • Single Family Homes
  • Section 8 Housing

And Much More …

We currently have $350 million in assets under management, and we’re a leading provider of asset protection for foreclosed properties in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. We provide a range of services listed above in order to provide seamless and timely transition of ownership and protection. Inside Investigations is more than just your average PI service. Call us today at 910-343-6000 for a free estimate. Email us for more information.


Reasons why to choose Inside Investigations over a Property Management Company

  • We are a Private Investigation firm that understands buildings and properties.
  • We have access to information only available to licensed investigators.
  • We are trained to conduct surveillance and liaison with local law enforcement and City,County, State, and Environmental Officials.
  • We conduct evictions in a timely manner thereby potentially saving the bank thousands ofdollars in lost revenue and property damage.
  • We have the knowledge and experience to inform you what it will take to get your propertyready for market, and the ability to get it there.
  • We secure your property and provide weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reports.
  • We establish a baseline for your properties which gives us the ability to provideaccurate property loss reports to insurance companies if needed.
  • Our team specializes in mobilizing on a moment’s notice so emergencies are handled as quicklyas possible.
Security Asset Protection